Realm of Ambernia

Mermaid's Lagoon

You clicked on the little fish, and dark waters rise and swirl all around you. You feel the waters tug you and push you about, it is so disorienting! Suddenly, the waters recede and you find yourself in a small clearing in the forest, and you feel sand in your toes as you tumble down a small hill onto a long, narrow beach.

It seems here is an ocean inlet, shaded by the grove, but there is a salty tang in the air, and the pool of water glows with a turquoise hue. Either side of the banks of this lagoon, lie huge stones of granite that almost look like giants sleeping, covered in moss. A mesmerising song is coming from somewhere, and you feel pulled, ever so gently, forward and into the deep...

'A Mermaid' by John William Waterhouse

Yesterday I dived with seagull wings;
the sea was a sharp white cloud that prickled my skin.
Last week I climbed through bright green jungles in the waves.
Today I'll leap over mountains
till they shudder and fall down.
Tomorrow I'll swim the far horizon
and slip between the wrinkle at the edge of the sea and sky.

~Jackie French

'Jewels from the Deep' by Arthur Rackham

I adopted this baby clownfish fae from Angel.

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