Realm of Ambernia

Art by Chromaddy

Welcome to my boudoir. Imagine a lovely sitting room. It is decorated busily with trinkets and hanging doo-dads, yet it is tidy, with colourful rugs, lots of pillows, and various assorted comfy looking seats - nothing matches, but it all seems to work and you feel at home. Hot tea and crumpets are on the sidetable, next to a large vase filled with hydrangeas and roses. The window is open and the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle floats in. And a small, fluffy ginger tabby cat, with a white chest and four white paws, is curled in a circle on one of the pillows on the ground. Who am I kidding - if there are crumpets with butter on them, he would be awake, and watchfully waiting for you to finish your treats, so he can lick the plate. Crumpets were his favourite.

Hiya, my name is Eris. Let's eat vegan mac and cheese, have a glass of wine, and tell strange stories. I'll pop some incense on and we can pat the cat - not that he will give us a choice.

Likes: Drinking tea, hugging trees, reading fantasy novels.
Interests: Witchcraft, roller derby, surfing the web
Favourite Movies: The Fifth Element, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Blade Runner
Favourite TV Shows: Star Trek, What We Do In the Shadows, Game of Thrones, True Blood


small cat

This website was made in memory of Brashen. What is remembered, lives.