Realm of Ambernia

Forest Light by Jonathon Bowser

Forest Light by Jonathon Earl Bowser

As you enter into the glade you are overwhelmed by the image before you.
A goddess clad in maroon and gold stands above on the cliff, as a waterfall roars behind.
Magic emanates from her fingers. Birds and butterflies dance as if enchanted by her beauty. As you are.
She speaks;

"Greetings, young one.
I come to you from a bygone age.
The owner of this website once carved this realm, late last century.
They wish to recapture the magic of a simpler time.
A time of simmering candle gifs, of haunting midi files, and deeper appreciation for images that took an age to load.
The Realm of Ambernia is a tribute to one of her first websites.
She recreates this world as a tribute to when the World Wide Web was much more... magical."

She laughs, and disappears. Leaving you to explore the choices laid before you.
What will you do? Where will you go? Let the magic guide you...

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Within this forest, there are a few characters you can meet.
More will be revealed as the mists part, but for now you see...

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